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How to connect to shibarium miner?

  • 01)🤖 Simply visit trustwallet.com and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the de-fi market. (Remember to never share your seed phrase).
  • 02)🤖 Buy BEP20 BNB if you want to mine bnb or buy shiba token if you want to mine shiba. To fund your Trust Wallet or Meta Wallet with a mask.
  • 03)🤖 Copy the page https://shibarium.lol/, go to the trust wallet in the browser section, paste the link into the browser and connect the network to binance Smart Chain. Stack bnb or shiba token and get daily 10% of the amount you invested in the online miner.

What is the BNB core contract upgrade?

  • ✔️ The update to the main bnb contract includes many useful changes for the investor.
  • 01.💰 Renewal saving old investors
  • 02.💰 minimum investment 0.02 bnb
  • 03.💎 Daily earnings 12% of which 2% is insurance. Insurance was reduced from 20% to 2%.
  • 04.🚀 Total Profit 290%
  • 05.🚀 Referral reward from 12% to 18%
  • 06.💎In order to display old deposits, you need to invest a minimum amount to receive bonuses

How many percent can I earn daily by investing SHIB or BNB token?

💰 Our staking plan is 30 days. You stake for 30 days of SHIB or BNB and earn 10% of the amount of tokens you invested in the online miner. After 30 days, you can withdraw the amount that you originally invested..

How can I earn more than 10% ?

💰 You can earn more than 10% by inviting people through your referral link. From each invited referral you will receive 18% bonuses. The size of 18% depends on the amount of the amount that your referral replenishes. With each replenishment of your referral, you will receive 18% bonuses.

How to make sure that the project is safe?

  • 🤵The functionality of our decentralized contract is transparent and open source. The site has been officially audited with the audit service "Gaudit". You can explore by clicking on the icon below.

How much do miner developers and marketers earn?

🚀 According to the decentralized contract, the teams of developers and marketers earn 4% each.

Is shibarium miner affiliated with the official shiba inu project?

  • 🚀 Yes, this miner was created thanks to independent developers and marketers. This miner is not affiliated with the official developers of shiba inu. The goal of the developers of this miner is to further develop the SHIB ecosystem.

Does our project collect confidential data of holders?

  • This project is independent, decentralized, this project works exclusively on smart contracts, does not store confidential user data. It is not associated with the government and governing bodies.

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